Mandy and Pandy is a series of books accompanied with an audio CD.

Mandy and Pandy make learning Mandarin Chinese for kids fun and easy.

Created by Chris Lin & illustrated by Ingrid Villalta.


Coming Soon! “Mandy and Pandy Activity Book #1 and “Mandy and Pandy Make Friends Around the World”, a book about world peace.


Each hardcover includes:

- Beautiful illustrations printed on high quality board paper

- An audio CD with native English and Chinese narration

- A great way to bond with your child

Mandy and Pandy books are available for

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Chinese for Kids with Mandy and Pandy

There are 6 Mandy and Pandy books available.  Mandy and Pandy uses simplified Chinese to teach kids pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade. The books range in topics and interests: simple Chinese greetingscounting,travelingsportscolors, and animals.

Each book is accompanied with an audio CD which includes English text read by a native English speaker and Chinese text read by a native Chinese speaker.  This ensures that your child gets the most authentic language learning experience without leaving the comfort of home. Another way to learn Chinese is to visit China, China Travel Tours






What Do People Say about Mandy and Pandy?

“After a small discussion about different cultures was out of the way, the girls and I read through this book and had a great time following Mandy and Pandy on their adventure through playing sports with their friends. The whimsical and colorful illustrations continued and the simple, easy story kept both of my daughters engaged and happy. If anything, they were disappointed when we reached the last page!” - Thanks Mail Carrier “This cute book also comes with a cd that is spoken in English and Chinese. I really love the illustrations and so does Leah! Although she is just learning to speak , I can’t wait to have her try and learn some of these fun words and phrases with me. My favorite phrase in the book is “Wow, he can slam dunk! Awesome!” The board book is very colorful and has fun bright pictures, that children of all ages will love.” - The Bragging Mommy
“If you are trying to expose your children to a new language or two, Mandy and Pandy Say, “Ni Hao Ma?” is a very cute and fun way to begin…thumbs up as a cute and unusual book for young kids of all ages. Although not the best it could be, this little board book is still worth the time and money. A great book for the car. Even the adults might learn a word to two in Chinese.” - “The Mandy and Pandy books provide a good basic introduction to the Chinese culture and their language for English speaking children. The adorable illustrations of Mandy and Pandy help engage young children and compliment the text… My preschool-aged daughter liked the counting book best of all and really enjoyed singing along with the number song and learning the numbers.” - Brimful Curiosities

Wait! Even NBA Superstar Yao Ming Reads Mandy and Pandy!

That’s absolutely right! As part of the NBA’s “Read to Achieve” program, Yao Ming recently took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and read Mandy and Pandy Play Sports to a group of elementary school children. Learn More About Yao Ming teaching Chinese to Kids

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